Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2016-17 Entry Conditions

In order to participate in the Olympus Global Open Photo Contest, user registration is required.

1. An entrant is a person who has consented to the conditions of the Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2016-17 (hereafter referred to as "the contest"), presented an entry application to Olympus Corporation in accordance with the procedures specified, and has been notified by Olympus Corporation that his or her entry has been approved.
2. In principle, an entrant is an individual, and each individual may register only once (due to system limitations, multiple registrations using the same e-mail address will be recognized as the same individual and the second registration using that e-mail address will not be accepted).
3. In accordance with item 1, if an entrant's personal information changes after registration, the entrant will promptly revise his or her registration information using the method specified by Olympus Corporation.
4. If any of the following items apply, Olympus Corporation may decide not to register the person as an entrant.
(1) If the registration contains false information, errors, or is incomplete.
(2) If, for any reason, Olympus determines the individual's participation in the contest to be inappropriate.
Personal Information
1. Entrants' personal information will be handled appropriately based on the Olympus Group Personal Information Protection Policy which can be seen on the Olympus Global homepage.
2. Entrant's personal information which Olympus Corporation acquires at the time of registration will be used for the following purposes.
(1) Provision of various services during Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2016-17.
(2) Notification when matters arise about which the entrant should be notified.
(3) Distribution of information about Olympus Corporation's new products and promotions. However, distribution will be limited to entrants from whom Olympus Corporation has obtained such consent.
Cancelling Your Registration
1. When an entrant intends to cancel his or her registration in the Olympus Global Open Photo Contest 2016-17, the entrant will notify Olympus Corporation of such intention in accordance with the method specified.
2. If an entrant's registration is cancelled prior to awards being announced, any right to receive a prize will be discontinued.
Password Management
1. The entrant is responsible for password management after registration.
2. The entrant will not loan, cede, transfer title to, sell, pledge or otherwise allow a third party to use the entrant's password.
3. The entrant will bear full responsibility for any damage resulting from inadequate password management, negligent use, third-party use or other such failures, and Olympus Corporation will incur no liability whatsoever.
4. When an entrant has become aware that his or her password has been stolen or appropriated by a third party, the entrant will immediately notify Olympus Corporation, and will comply with any instructions issued by Olympus Corporation.
Entry Rules
1. Photo entries are limited to those that have never been publicly displayed. Any photo available as stock photography is considered to be publicly displayed. Also, photos which have been awarded a prize in another contest or those which are currently entered in another contest are not eligible.
However, photos which an entrant has posted on his or her own website, blog, or social media for non-commercial purposes or those which have been submitted to an Olympus community site are eligible.
2. Photos are limited only, in its entirety, to a single work of original material taken by the contest entrant and to which he or she retains all copyrights. Any conflicts or dispute that result from featuring subjects for which the rights do not belong to the entrant must be settled by the entrant and Olympus Corporation will incur no liability whatsoever. If a violation of copyrights is identified, that entry will be disqualified. If a violation of copyrights is identified after winners are announced, the win may be revoked and the entrant will lose the right to claim a prize. Depending on the country in which a winner resides, the prize may have to be changed in case the prize does not meet local standards and regulations. If the subject of a photo is a person, permission must be received from that person (parent or guardian in the case of a minor) before the photo can be entered in the contest.
3. Anyone can enter, including professional photographers. However, minors under the age of 18 must receive permission from a parent or guardian (Olympus Corporation will recognize that permission has been granted by a parent or guardian upon receiving a registration request from a minor). For citizens residing in European Union countries, we can not accept participation by minors under 7.
4. There are no restrictions whatsoever on photographic equipment used to shoot photos to be entered. Any photographic device from a DSLR to smartphone may be used.
6. A photo may not be entered in multiple categories.
7. Olympus retains the right to not accept or publish any entries or comments that Olympus considers to be inappropriate for the contest, including, but not limited to, content that is libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, profane, or that infringes any copyright or other right of any person. If it is determined that a photo or supporting text is inappropriate after the entry has won, Olympus retains the right to revoke the win.
8. Olympus employees and affiliates may not participate in the contest.
9. Photos that have been entered will appear on the photo contest website during and after the photo contest period (photos can not be removed from the website once the entry period is over) and may also appear in Olympus promotional material (please see Copyrights to Photo Entries). Olympus reserves the right to edit the photos as needed when used for promotional purposes.
10. For winning entries that Olympus elects to display at photo exhibitions or for use in printed material related to the contest, Olympus may request higher resolution data or data without watermarks or credits (if present in the original entry) after the contest has ended.
Copyrights to Photo Entries
Copyrights or ownership rights to any image submitted as an entry shall remain with the respective entrant. However, to the extent permitted by law, by submitting the entry the entrant grants Olympus the perpetual, royalty free, and irrevocable, worldwide rights to feature, display, post, copy, print, or otherwise use the submitted images in any of Olympus' websites, e-mails, catalogs, posters, magazine or newspaper articles, books, third-party websites, exhibitions, and any promotional material, globally, during the contest and for a period of three (3) years after the contest is over.
Ownership of Rights
All programs, software, services, processes, trademarks, trade names and all ancillary technology constituting the Olympus Global Open Photo Contest belong to Olympus Corporation or the various companies or organizations that have given Olympus Corporation permission to use such.
Discontinuation or Interruption of Contest
1. Olympus Corporation may discontinue or interrupt the Olympus Global Open Photo Contest if any of the following conditions are met.
(1) If regular or emergency system maintenance is performed.
(2) If service can no longer be provided as usual due to war, insurrection, civil commotion, labor dispute, earthquake, volcanic activity, flooding, tsunami, fire, power outage or other state of emergency.
(3) Other cases where Olympus Corporation deems that it is necessary to discontinue, interrupt or terminate this service.
2. When Olympus Corporation discontinues or interrupts operation of this service pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the company will notify entrants to such effect in advance. However, this will not apply in cases of emergency or other unavoidable circumstances.
3. Olympus Corporation assumes no liability whatsoever regardless of the reason for any damage suffered by an entrant or third party due to this service being discontinued or interrupted.
Competent Court
1. If a dispute arises between an entrant and Olympus Corporation regarding this service that is not resolved even through discussion, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court in Japan will be the court with exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.

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